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The Authentic Man is a retreat for the courageous man. It is for men that want to get grounded in their values and their purpose in this world. It is for men that want to unlock their full potential, while developing a strong sense of self. And it is for men that want to get clear about their goals and what they want in their life.

The focus of the four days is MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, and COMMUNITY.



Our bodies are deeply connected with how we think about ourselves and how we move through this world. At The Authentic Man Men's Retreat we'll learn how to heal our bodies from sitting and sedentary modern living, We'll learn how to build nourishing movement habits and learn how to get more movement without needing more time. And we'll learn to move with greater purpose.



We are never not thinking. Even when we sleep, our brains are extremely active. Focused and intentional breathing is a tool that we've been gifted with and it is available to us at every moment. At The Authentic Man Men's Retreat we'll learn to observe our thoughts, which will give us more space to see what we are capable of.



We are a tribe of men rooted in community. At The Authentic Man Men's Retreat we emphasize developing a strong sense of self while being held by a group of like minded men. We create this safe space by sharing our stories, eating together, and just being.

The community that we built there will forever be a place of gratitude, love and safety. I hope to carry this place inside my heart for a lifetime.
— Prior Attendee

Who's This For?

This is for men that want to get reconnected with their bodies through movement-reconnected with their mind through meditation-and reconnected to their hearts through community.

This is for men who want to grow with confidence, while being held by a group of brothers.

This is for men that want to cultivate purpose and love in this world.

And this is for men that value being of service to themselves and others.

We are only looking for 8 more courageous men who want to take the next step into living the life they want.   


The Cold Springs Retreat in Penngrove, CA which sits on the Sonoma County hills with views of the West. The land is filled with wild flowers, fruit trees and plenty of space to sit in the sun and move our bodies. There are 7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 2 gourmet kitchens, and plenty of beds. And if you'd rather sleep outside, there are two tent platforms and an outdoor shower. We'll learn together at their 35' gathering circle and meditate in their beautiful yurt. Cold Springs Retreat is only 60 miles away from San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport. 

Meet the teachers


Teacher & Coach

Mike Sagun

Mike is a certified personal development and career coach, teaching artist, and speaker located in beautiful Oakland, CA. 

His purpose is to create safe spaces for men to think and feel deeply about themselves and live authentically. In his past life he was a teaching artist for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre, where taught students all over Northern California about healthy decision making. After touring for 10 years, he naturally found himself heading into the realm of personal development. Mike is passionate about people and helping them access their full power.

He values deep connections with men, living in authenticity, and self-awareness. 

Mike has a B.A. in Education. He's trained with Lincoln Center Education, Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and Challenge Day.

IG: @mike.sagun

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Teacher & coach

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a career and life coach based in San Francisco, CA. And he is the founder of Unstuck School and the creator of the Design Your Year Program. 

Chris says, "I will get you clear in mind and vision so you can perform your best in 4 simple steps. My clients are motivated movers who dream big and want to take action on their career and life. I help my clients get clear about their aspirations and goals to perform their best. Part managing yourself, part design thinking, habit development, and learning to think differently we will learn to slow down so we can take small imperfect action and speed up later - I believe clarity is the primary thing that holds us back from performing and feeling our best."

IG: @theunstuckschool


Movement Teacher & coach

Jonathan Mead

Jonathan Mead is a nature-based movement teacher out of Portland, Oregon. He quit his office job at age 23 to help people uncover their true offer to the world. Now in his early 30’s, he teaches primal movement both locally in Portland and through his online training programs.

He’s passionate about helping people reclaim their naturally strong, capable, resilient bodies, so they can play freely without fear of breaking and show up strongly for the communities they love. Believing that people need more connection to their bodies, to nature, and to each other, he loves seeing the ways people transform when they reconnect to their true selves.

He believes that you can take the man out of nature, but you can’t take nature out of the man — and that no matter how many TPS reports we’re fed and fluorescent lighting we absorb, the wildness is always just underneath the surface.

Jonathan stands for building unwavering community, deep curiosity, and unapologetic wildness, knowing that is the path that can change and heal the world.

His deepest mission is to instigate a worldwide movement of humans reconnecting with their true nature, and rebuilding their naturally strong bodies.

IG: @JonathanMead



Luke Zonka

Luke is the owner of The Mystics Cauldron. His focus and mission is, "Locally sourced high quality food concocted to ground and charge you up from the inside out."

He is based in the beautiful state of Washington.

My experience was tremendous. I experienced a level of connection in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. As men we really need to unearth all that we hold and what we’ve been told to do in order to move forward. In the spirit of being in nature, through guided meditations, through the exercises, through getting our heart rate up, through the spirit of community and having meals together, there were so many points of connection at the retreat.
— Previous participant