TEDx Talk

In October 2017, I gave my first TEDx Talk in Pasadena, CA.

Theme: Why Didn't I Think of That?

I talk about one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, and that's the gift of listening. "I am who  I am and I am where I am today, because there were people in my life there to uplift, encourage, and accept me for me." The trusted adults in my life played a crucial role in my development and my success. Without their love and non-judgemental ears, I was able to transform into the authentic, loving, and unapologetic person I am today.

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a single thing-podcast for one-

I was interviewed by journalist and coach Natalie Karneef for her podcast, A Single Thing. I tell my story of being a young closeted gay man and my struggle to accept my authentic self. This led me to make decisions that would not serve me or my purpose. And it gave me so much pain.

TFCU Talks: Embracing Identity

In February 2018, I had the incredible privilege of speaking to a group of young Filipinos at UC Davis.

"TFCU strives to connect, inspire, and empower Filipino-American millennials helping them realize their full potential in relation to their cultural identity. We recognize that as Fil-Am youth grow up in the US, they often find difficulty navigating their cultural identity in the midst of finding themselves while developing their careers." - TFCU Homepage

Our program was featured on Adobo Nation and TFC (The Filipino Channel), both affiliates of ABS-CBN.

It was an honor to share my story about living a life of lies in order to fulfill a dream that wasn't mine forced me into a life of inauthenticty. 

I shared the stage with Filipino youtube star Christine Gambito aka HappySlip, founder of United Playaz Rudy Corpuz Jr., and USF Instructor and principal dancer of the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company, Sydney Loyola. 


The Man Effect | Defining Masculinity

I was featured on Timothy Wegner's blog "The Man Effect | Defining Masculinity".

If you were to describe what it means to be a man in one word, what would if be and why?
I would choose human because, society, media, and my family had conditioned me to believe that a man is strong, provides for the family, and doesn’t cry. I’ve grown to learn and realize that a man can be strong and a man can provide, but a man can also cry. We are humans and we have every right to embrace and nurture all the emotions that are so innate in all of us. I am a human being. I get happy, sad, excited, hurt, and I cry.