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Men's Total Health with Mike Sagun & Saje Natural Wellness

  • Saje Wellness Berkeley 1911 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States (map)

What does being "masculine" mean to you? Join Mike Sagun, renowned men's personal development coach, and Saje Natural Wellness for a free seminar in harnessing confidence, health, and inspiration through expanding our notion of masculinity to include wellness and self-care.This event is inclusive to anybody who identifies as male. It starts with an open conversation about the role masculinity plays in our lives and the steps we can take to feel empowered through a healthier lifestyle. As men, it is important that we make everyday steps to strengthen our internal and external health, and expanding the idea of what it means to be "masculine" is the first step.

To lay the path for the second half of the event, Mike will lead a 20-minute group meditation. After meditating and setting intentions, Saje Natural Wellness will begin their interactive workshop about using essential oils that can help you feel less stressed, more confident, and much healthier. Being mindful of your health can have a powerfully postitive effect on your personal lives and your careers if you know the correct steps to take.

Saje will then show you which essential oils you can use for anxiety, sleep, mental and physical energy, pain, and pre/post workout. After this, you will learn how to integrate a simple skin care regimen into your daily routine - this is one of the most forgotten steps that can make one of the biggest impacts on your life.

In all, this event will help inspire you to be more mindful of taking care of your body and mind. Together, we will broaden our concept of masculinity and personal identity so that you can leave a more capable person.