LIVE interview with Timothy Wenger of The Man Effect

Tim and I met a year ago. I was sick one night and decided to scour the internet for men that were doing masculinity work. I typed in "redefining masculinity" and The Man Effect popped up on my screen. 

His photography first caught my eye. I'm a photographer as well and I love taking portraits--so I immediately started to scan his website. I started to read his blog and I found myself nodding at all the things he was saying. And I felt like I needed to reach out.

Fast forward 9 months and he's making his way down to AZ from PDX. He reaches out to see if I wanted to hang. And, of course, I said, "FUCK YEAH!"

You know when you meet someone and you hit it off immediately, and time just flies by. Hanging with Tim was effortless. We both talked about what it meant to be a man, how we need deeper connections with other men, and why this work is so important to us. 

Tim interviewed me on his LIVE show and we were FIRE!

We go deep into lonlieness and connection, why guys have a hard time finding other guys to talk to about real shit, and what we need to do to foster those connections.

Check out our conversation! It's a good one.

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