Set your intention.


[NOTE: I tried posting this the other day and the internet at the bnb wasn't sufficient.]

October 25th, 2016.

A year ago while out of town in Modesto working for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre, I wrote in my journal,

Im missing Jerry. I’m looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend. We dreamed yesterday that in the near future he and I will be traveling the world. He’ll be teaching art. And I’ll be life coaching. That’s our dream. It will happen. This isn’t the end of the road for me. Today, I’m grateful for this job. I’m grateful to change lives and help our future”.

I remember having that talk with Jerry at the dinner table. I remember feeling hopeful, excited, ready to take control of my life, and scared.

And exactly one year later--we are living that dream. Sort of.

This weekend, Jerry is teaching a workshop in San Luis Obispo and I’m coaching my clients. We still aren’t fully living our dream, but we are a little closer.

Since October 2016, Jerry and I have worked our fucking asses off to get what we want. In that year, I found a coaching program-- started it in January and graduated in June, I decided to step down from my full-time job, started a coaching certification program, got a business license, hosted a men’s retreat, and I did my first TEDx Talk!

Check out my talk here:

And all this started because I set an intention that night with Jerry and made the choice to just DO IT! One of my core values is taking 100% responsibility for my life and my actions—which means nothing is going to happen, unless I do something about it. There is a life that I’m dreaming of and no one is going to get it for me, but me.

And it takes a shit ton of work.

But this is what intention setting does, it gears us up to make choices in our lives that will serve our dream. Dr. Dan Siegel writes in his book The Mindful Brain, "Intentions create an integrated state of priming, a gearing up of our neural system to be in the mode of that specific intention: we can be readying to receive, to sense, to focus, to behave in a certain manner." 

Intentions are powerful!

I set intentions for all parts of my life. I set intentions for my days and before coaching my clients. I use it before having a difficult conversation. And I use it before I serve people. I write them down in my journal or on a piece of paper. And I refer to it whenever I need a reminder.

And sometimes I don't refer to them at all. When set an intention you put yourself in motion.

Intentions can be as simple as, "Today, my intention is to be kind to myself and others." Or it can be detailed and specific like, "My intention for the next year is to graduate from a coaching program, start my own business, and to gain a list of 10 clients."

What intention do you want to set for the rest of your day?

In my journal this morning I wrote my intention.


In my next blog post I'll talk about some skills that's helping me get the life I want.